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 Develop your patriotism and leadership potential, to promote community service, self confidence, and a set of morals.

Develop leadership skills that will help you in life.

Award-winning Colar Guard, Drill, Raider, and Exhibition.


Why join JROTC?

Leadership Skills

You receive leadership skills and opportunity that can be beneficial not just at school, but in the world


JROTC teaches you a variety of courses including First Aid, Bullying, Discipline, Suicide, and Etiquettes. These courses are just a few of what is taught in an ordinary Knightdale High JROTC Program.

Ranking Up

The opportunity awaits for you in JROTC to earn rank. You have the opportunity to rank all the way up to Lieutenant Colonel.

Physical Training

Physical Training is mandatory within Army JROTC. You are required to participate in all Physical Training Courses including the Cadet Challenge.

Family First

The Knightdale High School Junior ROTC Program strives on excellence, leadership, and family. We become an addition to your family, and you become an addition to ours. Welcome!

Learn more about army jrotc at knightdale today!

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